UDB bearing (complying with ISO4379 and DIN1850)

UDB bearing is a kind of oil or grease lubricated cast bronze bearing. The bearing is made of CuZn24Al6  which has superior heavy loads carrying capacity due to its high hardness. Various oil grooves are machined in the bearing's sliding surface to make the bearing have enough  lubrication during operation. The bearing is resistant to shock load and vibration at low speed, and is particularly suitable for applications with heavy-load and low speed oscillating or rotating movement.
Technical data Applications
Max. specific  bearing load: 200 N/mm2 (static)

The joint bearings in grabs

Large gear-cases

Mechanical handling equipment 

Construction machinery         

Pulp and paper making machinery

100 N/mm2 (dynamic)
Max. sliding velocity: 5 m/s (with oil lubrication)
Coefficient of friction: 0.04 ~ 0.16
Alloy hardness: 220-260 HB
Max. temperature 170
Beairng design: the forms of oil grooves